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Alicia Barmore

Alicia Barmore has always had a passion for equipping others in their purpose. After working with corporations and nonprofits through her event planning business for nearly two decades, she noticed a need. While her non-profit clients were passionate about their causes, many didn’t have the time or tools to ensure the impact they desired. Combining her business expertise, organizational development skills, and years of experience supporting nonprofits, Alicia officially launched Favour Consulting Group in December 2016.

Alongside her professional experience, Alicia’s drive to equip others to do good in their spheres of influence is her greatest asset. Her passion for developing people and organizations has brought 100’s of nonprofits to life, producing sustainable change in communities across the country. Whether she’s building a non-profit from the ground up or creating resources to empower leaders in purpose-driven business development, Alicia’s goal is to create big-picture impact through strategic planning and execution.

Ivy McGregor

Ivy McGregor is the CEO and Chief Architect of IVYinc.  Innovative Vision strategic consulting, offering solutions to help individuals and organizations evolve, expand and uncover cutting-edge social impact strategies. She is also the Director of Social Responsibility/BEYGood, which is the philanthropic umbrella for Parkwood Entertainment. Ms. McGregor is a reservoir of knowledge with over 25 years of experience in business strategies, social enterprise and global partnerships.

Louis Fawcett - - Favour Nonprofit Summit 2020 Speaker

Louis Fawcett

Louis Fawcett, after serving more than four years at EdVenture Children’s Museum as Senior Vice President of (Principal Gifts Columbia, SC), has accepted the position of President of the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (NANOE). 

National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (NANOE) is a nationwide network of donors, volunteers and charitable leaders whose relentless commitment to significant and sustainable impact transforms the communities we serve.

Coressa Williams

After working twenty years in Corporate America, Coressa left her job as a an Account Executive of Union Taft Hartley contracts, to fulfill her dream of serving and launched her first non-profit organization, Building Hope Inc. the heart of the organization was to bridge the gap of single mothers transitioning from displacement as a result of divorce, eviction or homelessness. In 2010, because of its community efforts, the organization was invited to the White House.

To make the families fully whole, Coressa realized that the children needed change and launched Princess For A Day Outreach Inc. This community based organization is focused on developing girls form ages 3 to 15, empowering them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, just the way they are.

Coressa Williams - - Favour Nonprofit Summit 2020 Speaker
Julius Green - Favour Nonprofit Summit 2020 Speaker

Julius Green

Julius Green earned his undergraduate degree in Accounting from Alabama A&M University. Julius has over 20 years in corporate accounting and management experience. In 2004, Julius left corporate America to grow this own business and successfully grew an organization that expanded across 36 states and Canada.

Julius then launched his own successful accounting practice to offer consultation and accounting services to other small business owners in an effort tot mentor them in achieving their own personal & business goals. He currently also serves as the CFO for Favour Consulting Group.

Domonique Price

Domonique Price is an experienced attorney whose practice focuses on corporate, entertainment and charitable giving issues affecting small businesses, nonprofit organizations and influencers. Ms. Price got her start working as the youngest Attorney to advise a National Basketball Association (NBA) Franchise team, the Portland Trailblazers, working on all of their corporate sponsorship, 501c3 charitable giving partnerships and ticket sales contracts. Having worked with several different companies on policy, compliance and drafting needs. Her practice is devoted to representing small business and entrepreneurs in all business matters and includes representation of clients in individual and corporate settings. As the former general counsel for Starbucks nonprofit, Leadersup, Price serves as a resource to nonprofit organizations and to their advisors on important, complex and difficult legal issues.

Dominique Price


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